Solutions designed especially for Retail Banking

Leverage digital technology to streamlining customer relationship and delivery compliant, tailored investment solution to preserve, manage and grow private client wealth.


Maximizing client relationship

Improve collaboration with your clients to deepen their needs, speed-up interaction and enable service access in the most simple, natural and context-aware way

Communication and reporting
Digital collaboration
Holistic view of clients

Automating tailored investment advisory

Digitalize investment advice to deliver tailored investment proposals according to clients’ needs, risk profile and regulatory requirements

Optimal model portfolio
Risk and compliance checks
Automated rebalancing


Delivering portfolio performance

Successfully execute investment decisions and deliver exceptional services to private and institutional clients by a holistic closed-loop operating models and easy access to accurate and reliable data

Portfolio management and reporting
Portfolio analysis and performance
Order management and rebalancing

Automated securities back-office

Optimize back office operation by straight through workflows and seamless administration process ensuring compliance, maximizing productivity, reducing cost and operational risks

Settlement management
Cash and securities management
Corporate actions
Tax engine, regulatory reporting


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