Advisory Process at the Digital Frontier

Combining human interaction with digital capabilities, investors can start their investment experience online and request a human advisor for more complex decisions. After discovering their risk profile and investment attitude, customers can define goals, simulate investment scenarios, monitor progress and deal with their advisor through their preferred digital channel in a collaborative manner.



Defining goals, simulating investment scenarios, investing and periodic strategy re-alignment


Real-time remote collaboration across all channels and devices through video-chat, co-browsing, instant messaging


Tailored investments based on customers’ needs, financial goals, risk attitudes, what-if investment scenarios


Address clients who need human help and digitally-minded customers looking for a self-investment experience

Increase confidence in personalised strategies aligned with customer goals

Disintermediate and automate some steps of goal setting and financial planning processes

Assist clients investing in goals and periodically re-aligning their investment strategies

Build stronger relationship letting clients experience a greater level of service and feel more engaged

Deliver a coherent, transparent, goals-driven and client-centric advisory process across the firms

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